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Romantic Elopment in Provence

K&R had a real journey searching each other and then searching the best place as a frame of their love dream. “Because wherever you are, there will be my home.”
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Plateu de Valensole, Provence
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I love everything about you and I want to give you a dream, bring you to the top of the world, holding your hand. And protect you forever, as the most precious thing …
Yes, K&R had a real journey searching each other and then searching the best place as a frame of their love dream.

Which destination wedding is more intimate and romantic than Provence during lavender flowering? Certainly Plateu de Valensole was able to welcome and guard the yes of two newlyweds who were looking for total intimacy. And the uniqueness of an event that saw them as protagonists of a fairytale day.

The newlyweds have been supported by Billy, of LuxeParisEvent – luxeparis.events/ – and then chose the exclusive Chèvre d’Or-Eche’s – chevredor.com/ – resort to prepare themselves for the event. An exclusive and intimate place perched on the hills of the Côte d’Azur, where the eyes lost in the blue of the sea and the body and the mind are caressed by the breeze and the scents of the inland. Eze is in fact a beautiful medieval village nestled out of time, between Nice and Menton, and it is considered the most romantic village on the entire French Riviera.

But it was the Valensole lavender fields that welcomed the couple in their arms. A quick helicopter flight brought us into their wedding dream little by little. A dream of timeless and breathless marriage: tender and strong like the delicate lavender, which resists the hot summer sun giving its elegant flowers and its intoxicating but sincere essences.

“As Billy may have mentioned, I adore your work. I explored dozens of options and when I saw your videos, I immediately knew I was done looking! ”

Sincere words like the purest love that our video and the photos of Tony Gigov – tonygigov.com – have been able to fix to preserve in the heart the beauty of a unique and intimate day that will always find its corner of paradise. Because wherever you are, there will be my home.