Charlotte & Josh

Intimate wedding in Loire, France

Charlotte and Josh love each other intensely, so what more romantic wedding destination than France for an intimate elopement to fulfill their love? Paris with its monuments and romantic corners, then the exclusive Chateau Challain in the heart of the Loire. A memorable day in the Capital City for a personalized shooting, then an ancient church and a nineteenth-century castle surrounded by a fabulous monumental park for an intimate and unique wedding Day perfectly organized by Ci Ci Events.
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Loire, France
Chateau Challain
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Charlotte and Josh love each other intensely, so what more romantic wedding destination than Chateau Challain, in France, for an elopement to fulfill their dream of love? Much more during the pandemic period, love is tested by difficulties, and Charlotte and Josh come to the other side of the world to live their truly fairytale. Just you and me my love, in Paris and in our manor.

After a fascinating and romantic dinner under an old tree, the newlyweds decided to first go to Paris and have an exclusive and memorable shooting day. Alessandro and Flavio accompanied them through the capital city to capture and keep forever the memories of an unforgettable time.
A memorable day for the couple and mostly for the bride in her dream gown design from Millia London. «Of all the flowers, me thinks a rose is best», said Shakespeare. And so was Charlotte, an astonishing and graceful flower, marvelous in Josh’s eyes.

But was Chateau Challain the precious coffer that enshrines their love. A nineteenth-century castle located in the heart of the Loire, probably the most romantic French region. It is an incomparable venue where live a fairytale due to its elegant spaces surrounded by a fabulous monumental park. Everything was perfectly organized by Cynthia. Every detail has been studied for Charlotte & Josh and their day. Only the newlyweds as in the best and perfect elopements. An ancient church and a gospel choir for an intimate and moving ceremony. So, the wedding day was unforgettable from the beginning to its end, thanks to the personalized make-up of Kristi Grimm and the breathtaking bride’s dress of Emma Beaumont, the work of Luca Viola who took spectacular images from a drone. Till to the fireworks that lit up the
night at the chateau and the newlywed’s dreams.

«She is a pearl Whose price hath launch’d above a thousand ships», William Shakespeare.