Agatha and Dan

Luxury Wedding on Lake Como

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When you want to fulfill a dream you want to do it at the very top. That was Agatha and Daniel’s choice for their wedding day and their exclusive staying in Italy: for them and their guests. Lake Como offered itself and its exclusive world as early as their first visit.

Agatha and Daniel planned their dream but had to wait for it, savoring even more each detail: each moment of the couple and of the guest was planned to make sure it will be unforgettable, at the same time relaxing and exciting. Their choice were three of the most luxury wedding locations of Lake Como enhanced by the gorgeous floral arrangements of tulipinaitalia and fixed forever by the shots of Gianluca Adovasio. Villa Sola Cabiati, an ancient noble residence that hosted Napoleon, hosted the newlyweds and their guests for a special themed dinner, “Love and pasta party”, and the brunch offered the day after the wedding.

Really unique and luxury events, as the other themed dinner “Night of magical love” that Agatha and Daniel chosed to offered at Grand Hotel Tremezzo, all planned by the professionalism and inspiration of LakeComoWeddings . Elegance and exclusive style are distinctive of Lake Como venues and have obviously characterized every moment of Agatha and Daniel celebration and above all the wedding day hosted at Villa Balbiano, probably the most sought Lake Como’s location because perfect example of italian elegance and opulence. Daniel’s arrival from the lake was the surprising beginning of a fabulous wedding day in which Agatha could shine in her unique dress from Monique Lhuillier and her smile in love. Well, that was, and it is the key: a couple in love who manages to involve others in their love.

In a time so difficult, as these years are, Agatha and Daniel know how involve relatives, friends and who comes to contact with them, in an authentic message of love: made of cheerfulness and addictive fun, as the party “love forever” that accompanied until late at night the guests, and emotion and attention to detail, as each unforgettable moment of their luxory staying at Lake Como.